Do you have a shop, an office, a practice or are you a service provider? You make sure to draw the attention of (potential) customers through recommendations, ads and visibility?

You make sure your window displays are appealing and your door is open.

When a customer enters your shop, you make sure they feel at ease and takes a look around or gets advice, following their needs and wishes.
You make sure to let them know how you can help them to let their dream become reality.

This proces is what you call marketing. It works exactly the same in online and internet marketing.

Maybe you have many years experience or maybe you are new in the business and wondering whether online marketing is of relevance to you and your customers?
It is!

I will gladly advise you and draw up a strategy that suits you and your customers. And I will of course support you with the implementation!

I can create a website for you (or adjust an existing website) which is appealing to your customers and draws the attention of Google and other search engines.
Furthermore I will make sure your business is known across the apropriate social media channels and online directories.

Ich kann für Sie einen Internetauftritt erstellen (oder einen bereits bestehenden anpassen) der Ihre Kunden anspricht und für Suchmaschinen optimalisiert ist.

Give me call, I am looking forward to hear from you!

You can get in touch on +49 2330 9162 802 or +49 171 904 66 98.