Logo design

You don’t (yet) have a logo for your company? Or want to adjust your existing logo?

Stop searching, you have just reached the right point here!

A good logo complements and supports both the name of your company and its activities.
You can achieve this with the help of an abstract form or symbol and matching typeface (font).

Often you will find that less is more, when it comes to a logo. Too much detail only distracts from the message you want to get across.

“KISS” – “Keep it short (and) simple!”

is the principle you will find, when it comes to logos of succesful companies.

The logo’s of  Audi, VW, Nike or Apple are so simple, even a child would be able to draw it, yet we all know immediately which company the logo is from.

I am looking forward to hear from you what your ideas, concepts, wishes and requirements are.

Ich bin gespannt, was Ihre Wünsche, Anforderungen und Vorstellungen sind.

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